Monday, 6 June 2016

Weathered metal roofing – EPDM is proven to be the best sealer for metal roof leaks

Metal roof is famous for its longevity and strength as you know. But like all type of roofs it needs care and maintenance and in absence of these two elements it starts leaking. Metal roof repair and maintenance is still essential to guarantee they will last as long as expected. There are a variety of options to choose from metal roof as steel, zinc alloys, aluminum and copper. All metal roofs have seams where the pieces of metal fit together. It becomes the reason to leak.  At these seams, and at penetrations through the metal for vents, skylights left some leak or grow etc. Where the roofs join a new plane like at the ridge, in the valleys this is also suspected for leaks. 
Metal roofs use sealants in the installation process. There is another reason for leaks in metal roofing and that is wrong installation. In earlier time butyls and caulking sealants- roof repair were common to use. By the time they become hard or lose their elasticity and bonding over time.
Today there is an alternative of the old butyls, ashphaultics and caulking sealants- roof leak repair with only one of its kind chemistry formulated to be virtually invisible to the negative effects of nature. That is called Roof leak repair.
To provide a permanent fix to any leak, regardless of the type of metal roof leak repair is the best as a sealant to be used. Combined with heat and water protection it is able to stand with extreme temperature and all type of weather. With its UV stable backing, one coat of Liquid Roof EPDM roof coating will repair your Metal Roof. In four easy steps you can repair your roof to make it protect from all weathers.
  • Clean the roof and prepare it for repair
  • Detect the leaky area and mark it
  • Mix the product
  • Apply one coat with brush or roller
A hole in a roof system may be an indicator that there are other concerns about the overall structure. Major concern of any roof repair project is complete security from leaks and damages. Roof leak repair is surest and permanent companion of your metal roof to provide it security. See Details

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